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These are some candid photo shots submitted by attendees.  They include the "main" event plus "happy hour" shots at the hotel the night before and "brunch" at the hotel the next morning.  If you wish to share others, we would be glad to publish them.  Submit them to   For professional pictures, visit and use the password VIKINGS in the "Click Here to Order Online" section (you don't need to buy to view).

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Ray Schmidt and Dale Sigmund working at the welcome/sign-in table.

Audrey Swoboda Haley receiving gift of appreciation from Class President Ronna Owens Smith for tirelessly leading the Reunion Committee year-after-year-after-year-after-year-after-year-after-year.....Thanks Normandy Girl!
More at the sign-up table.  There's Judy Baker Scott and Bob Schaffer in the background.


Our beloved teachers Esther Goff and C. Herbert Duncan.
Class of 57 special friend Denny Garner, Grace Papendick Lathrop, Jane Luenstroth Roznovsky and George? Ronna Owens Smith and Phyllis Abrams Parsons.
Our beloved teachers Esther Goff, C. Herbert Duncan and Dr. James Westbury (accompanied by his perpetually young looking and lovely wife Shirlee). Same shot, different photographer and angle.
The Reunion Committee Part of the group phot the professional photographer was posing?
Chatting after picture posing. Audrey and Ronna again with the flowers.
Grace Papendick Lathrop, Jack Fields and Joe Boyer. Harriet Weeks Ruggeri, Gene Burgess, Joyce Bridell Herman and Grace Papendick Lathrop.
David Schaub, Jane Luenstroth Roznovsky and George? Dick Pettitt and a bunch of others in the welcoming area.
Joe Boyer , Joanne Boyer  Cole (Joe's classmate and sister) and Bill Blackstone. Mary Ann Bixler Vitale, Faye Steckert and Bill Steckert falling off his chair trying to take a picture of the picture taker?
After the posed Reunion Committee picture. Audrey in-charge and running things (Thanks, for sure!).
Bob Anyan and Sandy Sollis Brennan. Ray Schmidt and Eddie Leasck.
Jean Williams Jones, Joyce Bridell Herman, Bob Anyan and Mary Ann Bixler Vitale.  

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