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The below listed Classmates have sent in their money and they would like to see you attend too!  
If you wish to correspond with any of them via e-mail and they've agreed to have us publish their e-mail address, you may double-click on the underlined listing)

Faculty - Dr. Morris Blitz

Faculty - Miss Esther Goff

Faculty - Mr. Wally Lundt (Ann)

Faculty - Mr. John Masterson Masterson Thank You Note Masterson Combat Story

Faculty - Dr. Jim (Doc) Westbury (Shirlee)

Phyllis Abrams Parsons

John Antonio

Charles (Bob) Anyan (Mary)

Lucha Bennett Koomjian (Peter)

William Benoist (Mary) - unfortunately, they didn't make it

Mary Ann Bixler Vitale

    Joanne Boyer Cole (Bill Blackstone)

    Joyce Bridell Herman

Virginia Bullar Hansen (Norman)

    Rosemary Cromer Boustany

    Tom Delaney (Sandy)

    Leo Daugherty

Ann Engler Crowley (Philip)

John (Jack) Fields (Shoshana Yeager)

    JoAnn Foelsch Daugherty

Olga Gohn Herdt (Don)

John (Con) Hagen

Annette Hangge Penney (Wm. Roy)

Bob Harrison (Judy)

Gary Jones (Carol)

Gary Knamiller (from England!)

Carole Lauck Price 

Ed Leasck

Norma Leeds Starkey (William)

Robert Ledbetter (Sterline)

Jane Luenstroth Roznovsky

Pat McCann

Constance McLane Brodhacker (James)

Dennis Moakley (Kitty)

    Irl Otte (Mary Jean)

    Ronna Owens Smith (Rolla)

    Jim Pavalec (Carolyn)

Richard Pettitt (Phyllis)

Sandy Ponticello Bohler

    Judith Richter Williams (Elias J. Williams, III)

    Donna Ross Hutchinson (Mick)

Ron Roth (Judith)

David Schaub - infortunately, he didn't make it

    Ray Schmidt (Margie)

    Virginia Schmutz Duggan (James)

Dorothy Schuchman Leasck

    Dale Sigmund (Linda)

Rolland Struebing

Sally Spehr Messina

Bill Steckert (Faye)

Betty Stuesse Rozier

Jan Schmidt Ballard

Audrey Swoboda Haley

Marsha Taylor Kramer (Carl)

Ron Westenhaver (Sue)


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